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HYM-1300F computer automatic high speed slitting machine

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HYM-1300F computer automatic high speed slitting machine: 

1.The base material for slitting  : paper, adhesvie sticker
2.The base material thickness for slitting : 20-400g/m2, when the base material and thickness is different, the relativve machine device and knife tool will be different .
3. Material width range 400-1300mm
4. Material dia max. 1200mm
5. Rewinding dia 600mm (it is up to the base material ,thickness and slitting width )
6. Base material weight : <3000kgs
7. Machine speed 400m/min  (depend the base material , thickness, production quality requirement and operator proficiency )
8. Unwinding peper core inner dia. 3inch (76mm)
9. Rewinding paper core inner dia  3inch (76mm)
10. Production width after slitting: min. 30mm (depend base material , thickness , rewinding dia )
11. Tension range : constent tension control , auto adjust.
12. Registration accuracy : ±0.3mm
Slitting accuracy : ±0.1mm
13. Machine total power : 20kw ( 380v 50hz)
14. Machine diamension (L*W*H) 2500×2950×1900, machine weigth  5800kgs.
TWO.Spec. and device
1.     Overall machine both sides adopt 60mm thick steel plate machine shaped to be 50mm thick wallboard, through machining center to process, strong and beautiful .
2.     Overall machine by PLC center control (two vector motor ) and adopt HMI to operate the overall machine
3.     Running mode: double shaft center rewinding
4.     The machine equip with pre-set length count to stop machine , speed order, dia counting slitting function .
THREE.Unwinding part
1.     Unwinding and mainmotor adopt split construction , with splicing panel 1set, Longmen type web passing type .
2.     Unwinding shaftless hydraulic clamping device. 3inch and 6inch end sleeve locked, solid and durable. Hydraulic clamping oil cylinder with 2pcs. From left to right, saperately at the same time. Clamping operation easily .
3.     Hydraulic powerful load and unload cylinder with 2pcs. Can bear 3tons base material , to economy manpower and shortage load and unload time .
4.     Unwinding adopt pneumatic brake control , by PLC auto tension control .
5.     EPC control mode with simulation auto webguide .
FOUR.Traction unit
1.     Traction adopt 5.5kw frequency motor 1set, frequency speed adjustment
2.     Active roller use resistance grinding natural rubber, harder type aluminum guide roller (surface HV700° supper hard anode treatment, strict dynamic and static balance treatment)
3.     Before slitting with one set bending roller
4.     Drive by synchronous belt
5.     Circular knife slitting with 20sets .
6.     Unload shaft effective length is 900mm
FIVE.Rewinding unit
1.     Rewinding with 11kw motor 1set , drive up and down air slip shaft.
2.     Unload frame adopt auto push device, can economy manpower and shortage unloading time .
3.     Unload support frame device .
4.     Trash by fan suction device .
5.     Laser positioning paper core device .
SIX.Device list
3.     Motor  SIEMENS
4.     Inverter   JAPAN YASKAWA
5. Magnetic powder  TAIWAN GOLDEN
6. Suction device  QIANGGUANG
7. Webguide  HUIZE
8. Circular knife    HENGLIDA
9.Hydraulic component    KEQIMA
10.Bearing   NSK
11.Electric part :  CHINT , SCHNEDER



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