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TB-800 silicon oil coating machine

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TB-800 silicon oil coating machine   
we draw into foreign advanced coating machine technology and together with our own many years of experience . it widely used in the production of release film etc.
二 Parameter
type TB-800
Coating  method Gravure coating
Coating width 800mm
rewinding and unwinding type Double station
Unwinding dia. Ø600mm
Rewinding dia. Ø620mm
Oven length 18m
Oven temperature   50-140℃
Work speed 10-120m/min
Machine speed 140m/min
diamension 19000×2500×4800mm
Machine weight    13000kg
Heating method Conduction oil
Guide wheel width and dia. 80*850mm

三 Spec.:
1 overall machine adopt 4frequency motor control, overall machine tension (unwinding, coating, traction, rewinding) adopt JAPANESE MITSHUBISHI PLC to control tension automatic , through man machine interface touch screen to control and display to improve machine tension reliability
2 independent unwinding frame, adopt magnetic powder auto control the tension
3 gravure coating method, coating doctor blade shaft adopt heavy double shaft machine independent moving, blade adjust by manual with pneumatic, angle adjust freely, coating quantity depend the mesh of gravure roller, different coating quantity can change different mesh gravure roller.
4 oven is 18m for 7section independently control, heating adopt conduction oil, hot air intake drying system, adjustable inner cycle air intake and out device, air intake and out with strong air , dry thoroughly
5 oven inner guide wheel is active synchronous with the mainframe, drive adopt synchronous belt drive guide wheel to assure synchronous to reduce material stretch and deformation, cylinder pneumatic open oven and film pass operation panel so that worker can work very easily.
6 the tension between coaitng roller and traction steel roller adopt float swing arm by PLC auto-control
7 auto-length and speed meter device
8 webguide adopt EPC air sensitive register to assure the trimness when rewinding
9 rewinding and unwinding adopt key type airshaft for easily operate when loading and unloading the material.
10 high presicion up press traction device, steel roller cooling adopt water cycle to make the film surface more smooth and neat. To reach a good cooling effection.
四 Remark
A According to the different requirements of the customers special the customized machine (limited width of 300-2000mm)
B rewinding and unwinding frame : manual lift up type single station, hydraulic lift type single station, electrical rotation double station, electrical chain climbing type double station, electrical rotation wheel pan type double station can be choosed by customer
C oven heating method: electric heating, conduction oil heating, steam heating etc can be choosed by customer
D coating method: gravure roller coating, double rollers coating, three rollers coating, five rollers coating, comma blade coating, air knife coating etc can be choosed by customer
E work speed is proportion with coating material quality, coating thickness, oven length, drying temperature
Technological process
Unwinding-coating unit- drying unit-traction unit-rewinder
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