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Working Principle of Coating Machine

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The working principle of the coating machine:
The working principle of the coating machine for screen printing plate is the same, but its performance varies according to different models and manufacturers. The screen coating machine is equipped with a device which can clamp the screen frame on the vertical frame. The front and back of the wire mesh area are horizontal coating mechanism, which consists of coating groove and mechanical or pneumatic components that control the angle and pressure of the coating groove.
The two ends of the coating mechanism are mounted on the vertical support arm of the coating machine. Through the transmission of belt, chain or cable, the coating mechanism moves up and down and coats along the surface of the wire mesh. The transmission mechanism is connected to the servo or frequency conversion motor to make it operate smoothly and precisely control the position of the coating mechanism.
Before coating, the clean and stretched screen plate can be loaded from the front of the coating machine, and some models can also be loaded from the side. Side mounting is more common in machine models designed for large screen frames, because the screen frames are large and bulky, and side mounting can make the lifting and moving amount smaller. It is more convenient to install plate from side when the automatic screen coating machine is on-line with other automatic screen processing equipment (such as cleaning equipment, regeneration equipment, drying equipment and developer).
No matter how the screen is mounted, once the screen is in the right position, the pneumatic clamping device or mechanical clamping device closes and locks the screen. In order to operate more conveniently, many models have pedal control plate clamp action, operators can free their hands to control the screen. After installing the screen plate and pouring the corresponding photosensitive emulsion into the coating machine, the coating can begin. According to the functions of the control system and equipment, the equipment can coat both sides of the wire mesh at the same time.
There are two ways of coating, one is to apply photosensitive emulsion on silk screen through wet pressing operation for many times, the other is to add drying process after each coating. Machinery for quantitative coating of liquid (or melt) macromolecule materials such as adhesives or coatings on the surface of materials.
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