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What are the matters needing attention in the use of coating

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What are the matters needing attention in the use of coating machine?
3) Set the coating working mode and related parameters (coating speed, section length, gap length, roll speed ratio, etc.), and then turn on compressed air (adjusting the pressure regulating valve of pneumatic control box to make the pneumatic pressure between 0.2 and 0.3 Mpa);
4) Start the drying fan and the drying temperature controller.
5) Connect the power supply of automatic deviation rectification and tension controller.
6) The temperature of each section of the equipment has reached the required temperature of the process.
7) Feed the hopper of the coating device and start the coating machine for coating.
1.3 Shutdown Procedure
1) Make sure that the coated electrode has been wound up and then stop.
2) Turn off the power supply of the equipment heater and stop the drying fan and other fans when the temperature of each section falls below 60 degrees Celsius.
3) Stop compressed air.
4) Disconnect the power supply on the deviation correction cabinet and control cabinet.
1.4 Notes
1) Operators must receive pre-job training and pass the examination before they can take up their posts, and they should strictly abide by these operating rules.
2) In addition to the necessary maintenance personnel, it is strictly forbidden for non-personnel to operate equipment or change setting parameters.
3) The roll speed ratio is suggested to be set in the range of 1.3-1.5.
4) It must be confirmed that the drying fan has been started before starting the air heater.
5) When adjusting the gap between the coating roll and the back roll, the principle should be that the slurry on the coating roll should be just erased without sticking to the back roll. It is necessary to ensure that the two rolls are parallel and the gap is identical (there must be a gap).
6) After resetting the parameters, the insertion button must be pressed to change the parameters.
7) The hopper, scraper, coating roll and back roll shall be cleaned with alcohol or acetone immediately after shutdown of each shift. No scratch or damage shall be allowed on the surface.
8) Keep back roller cylinder and linear slide clean and lubricated.
9) Machine bearing parts should be regularly refuelled and lubricated, and gearbox should be regularly replaced or supplemented.
10) Once problems are found in the operation process, the relevant departments must be immediately recorded and notified so as to deal with them in time.
11) Make the 5S equipment work well at all times to keep the equipment and surrounding environment clean and tidy.
This procedure is only applicable to ST350-III polar coating machine.
2. Operation Rules of Coating Procedure
2.1 Process requirements:
1) The first coating length deviation is less than 1 mm, and the coating gap deviation is less than 1 mm.
2) The maximum dislocation between the second side and the first side is less than 0.5mm.
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