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What are the categories of coaters?

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What are the categories of coaters?
Brush type
Brush coating machine is the oldest coating equipment. It was originally used in the 1950s to produce coated wallpaper using ceramic clay paint. There are three different types of brush coating head: round brush coating head, blanket roller coating head and blanket cover coating head. Fig. 1 is an early brush coating head.
Air knife
The advent of air knife coating machine in 1930s marked the birth of modern paper coating industry. Air knife coating machine overcomes the above shortcomings of brush coating machine and is rapidly promoted, resulting in a sharp increase in the output of coated paper.
Scraper type
In the 1950s, the first patented scraper coater appeared. Since then, the technology of scraper coating machine has developed rapidly. According to the different feeding equipment, scraper type and scraper installation position, scraper coating head can also be divided into many kinds, such as hard-edged scraper coating machine, tractor-type scraper coating machine, soft-edged scraper coating machine, fountain-type scraper coating machine, short dwell scraper coating machine, Bill scraper coating machine, scraper roller coating machine, etc.
Roller type
Roller coating is a kind of coating which is applied to the coating surface by the coating roll, and the coating machine is the main type of coating machine. The amount of coating can be adjusted by measuring the pressure between rollers. The pressure is strengthened, the amount of coating passes is reduced, and the amount of coating decreases. Types of roller coaters:
1. Press roller coating head
2. Reverse Roller Coating Head
3. Transfer Roller Coating Head
4. Gravure Roller Coating Head
Spray coating
Spray coating technology is a non-contact coating method. Controlled high pressure spray technology can be used for single or double sided coating of paper or paperboard (Shi Jiao).
curtain coating
The multi-layer curtain coating machine can endow ink-jet printing paper with three layers of surface structure (bottom layer, absorption layer and top layer) after only one coating operation, and can obtain uniform coating on uneven paper surface.
Slot Coating
The slit coating head includes a coating liquid storage tank; a pump for pressing the coating liquid in the coating liquid storage tank to the nozzle through the supply pipeline; a control unit for controlling the operation of the pump and the nozzle; a pressure detection unit for detecting the pipeline pressure; and a nozzle for eliminating the coating liquid when the pressure reaches a predetermined pressure condition.
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