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What is the significance of coating machine technology devel

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What is the significance of coating machine technology development?
Coating machine is used in the industry, which provides convenience for enterprises. How to deal with the non-uniform glue in the coating process?
In recent years, we have been actively cultivating dust-free electronic optical walking equipment, dust-free precision coating and bonding equipment, and laid the foundation of coating equipment in photoelectric industry. The whole plant and related equipment of self-adhesive tape, dust-free room coating equipment for electronic and optical products, paper coating equipment, surface treatment equipment, IRM film coating machine, solar film coating machine, full-line unmanned production automatic coating machine, and 350 meters high-speed coating equipment.
In the coating process, the glue is not uniform, which requires a certain scraper equipment to scrape the glue evenly. Scraping tools mainly include stainless steel blade scraper, comma scraper, scraper rod, steel wire scraper, air scraper and other ways. Stainless steel blade scraper: This kind of scraper uses stainless steel sheet to cut, press on the scraper seat and act on top roller. Because the stainless steel sheet is soft, the scraping glue is not uniform. Most of them are used for scraping glue on reticulated rolls, and also for pre-scraping of glue coating on smooth rolls.
The technology of coater is developing by leaps and bounds. The development of multi-functional coater has saved a lot of domestic resources. Environmental protection is a big project. The products produced always have the title of environmental protection. Perhaps the real environmental protection products are not very useful. Technologies are being upgraded, and high-precision coaters are slowly in line with international technology.
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