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Main Machine Factors Affecting the Cutting Quality of Paper

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Main Machine Factors Affecting the Cutting Quality of Paper
The paper cutting dimension is not up to the requirement, the cutting is skewed, the incision has knife lines and knife-connecting phenomenon. The problems of length up and down after paper rolling are common cutting quality problems. The main influencing factors are as follows: inexperienced technical operation, uneven bumping, paper deformation, inaccurate relative position between paper rolling and pusher, uneven folding of paper, etc.
1. The factors of paper cutter
(1) The baseline of cutting paper size on the pusher is the back gauge, which should be parallel to the cutting line and perpendicular to the worktable.
(2) When the cutter falls, the cutter should be vertical to the worktable, and the blade of the cutter should be parallel to the worktable and adjusted to a certain height.
(3) Paper presser should be able to adjust the pressure and maintain its stability according to cutting requirements. General gauge pressure should be in the range of 4-10 MPa, and no more than 15 MPa is allowed, which is the premise of ensuring cutting quality.
Therefore, when installing and debugging the paper cutter, the above parts should be adjusted accurately, otherwise cutting specifications will not meet the requirements or cutting skew.
2. Improper adjustment of cutter and blade
There will be the phenomenon of cutting tool falling in place, resulting in knife connecting; the cutting tool falling height is too low, so that the knife scar is too deep, resulting in the incision not clean or broken, the normal depth of cutting tool cutting blade is 0.5-1 mm; blunt edge and uneven knife blade are also prone to the phenomenon of knife connecting or unclean incision.
3. There are small notches in the blade, and knife blades appear in the cutting material.
4. Reasons for the length of paper after cutting
(1) The blade of the cutter is too blunt to pull out the surface layer of the cutter and make the specifications inconsistent.
(2) The cutter is not perpendicular to the worktable.
(3) The front surface of the pusher is not perpendicular to the surface of the worktable, and the pusher is inclined forward, so that the length of the cut sheet is longer and shorter; the pusher is inclined backward and the cut sheet is shorter and longer.
(4) The higher the paper roll, the higher the pressure of the presser, the greater the anti-cutting knife of the paper roll, thus increasing the bending deformation of the paper roll, resulting in the phenomenon of the length of the paper roll after cutting. Therefore, the height of the sheet should be controlled below 100 mm, the thickness of the sheet is different, and the corresponding cutting height should be moderately adjusted.
(5) Pressure of the presser shall vary with the nature of the paper being cut. The size and number of specifications vary. In order to cut the paper accurately, it is necessary to press the paper with a presser. When cutting general paper, the pressure of the presser should be higher; when cutting hard paper or cardboard, the pressure of the presser should be lower.
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